Mitchell dean realty not only handles traditional investment real estate, we are ALSO comprised of two addiTional teams: Kosta coast vacations AND GOLD STAR MANAGEMENT. 

Kosta Coast Vacations is a full service short term property management team within Mitchell Dean Realty that can assist you with everything from identifying your short term rental to making it a fully realized business. Our agents can provide you with expertise during the set up of every unit and ensure the asset is well stocked, cleaned and prepared for each guest to give a unique, consistent experience. You will be completely hands off while still in the loop as your dedicated agent will keep you hands off while sending you monthly reports on the success for your property. We run your business, you enjoy the results! 

Gold Star Property Management is our real estate team that handles long-term rentals. Our Gold Star team will evaluate your property and determine a strategy that will meet your goals and get you the highest return. 

REI Stream is MDR’s custom built CRM for any real estate investor, agent or wholesaler to run their business. The system will give you the tools you need to track and acquire your properties, store documents, calculate the feasibility of the investment and to save time in the day to day as a real estate entrepreneur. This software is designed for anyone in the industry- whether you are flipping single family homes, building a portfolio of multifamily properties or simply wholesaling the deal. Time is money and organization is key, so we recommend the best for our clients. 


The team at Mitchell Dean Realty is like a family! We have training and accountability meetings throughout the week and not only do we talk about what we are doing in transactions, we also talk personally so we can get to know each other and be a stronger team. I enjoy the educational training that we have weekly, as it is designed to keep us sharp on laws, forms and customer interactions. Everyone is willing to help each other through any part of transactions, it's really the best "family" feel I have come across. 


When you start working for Mitchell Dean Realty you’re working towards being the most professional and knowledgeable in the business,I was provided with everything I needed and more to do so. The general nature and culture of the business allows anyone to fit in and feel welcomed.


I started this job with absolutely no experience in the real estate industry. Since joining I feel like I've gained years of experience and knowledge in a short amount of time. This company's systems have been a pivotal part in my success since the beginning. Our training is hands on, intense and highly beneficial. In just my first few weeks of starting I was learning to run ARVs, coordinating the ins and outs of the business, talking to buyers and sellers and attending monthly networking events with confidence. I am really excited about what this career has in store for me. 


Working at Mitchell Dean has been full of learning and growth. I can always go to my broker with questions and know I will receive the answers and/or guidance I’m looking for. They have cultivated a wonderful group of energetic go-getters who enjoy real estate that I can say I’m proud to be a part of and contribute to. There's nothing quite like working with people who not only work hard but also lift you up and make you feel good about the future!